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The fast-approaching start of the new season is getting me stupidly excited. I love winter, don't get me wrong, but there's something quite satisfactory about the many prospects of spring: the return of my beloved leather jacket, the end of doubling up on leggings and the introduction of *gasp* colour. Despite my monochrome loving ways, I, along with every other female, start to dream in techni-colour. I find my eyes actually glazing over at the dozens of pastels, brights and patterns popping up in those pretty, pretty display windows and online ads, and for me, Zara is the cream of the crop. There aren't many days that pass by that I don't find myself browsing the beautiful clothes despite my sad little bank account (after all, putting things in your shopping basket doesn't count if you don't actually buy them), and so I have made a little wish list of my favourite pieces, just to show you folks what I would buy, y'know, if I could… *lip quivers*


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