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I will never come out of Lush empty-handed. Being a big fan of bath time, this winter has seen me plough through more of their ballistics and bubble bar section than I'd probably like to admit - no, make that definitely. Whilst there are a couple of products in the shop I now consider staples (BIG sea salt shampoo, Brightside bubble bar and Ultrabland oil cleanser, if you were wondering), for the most part when I'm having a nosey in the shop its to try out some new seasonal goodies. I would say my last trip was definitely successful - I stocked up on an old favourite as well as some pretty treats to test out in the tub (alliteration station right here folks)...

 Unicorn Horn Bubble bar // multi-coloured, starry wonder in the shape of a horn (duh?)
I swear everyone and their dog is after this darn thing, it is just endlessly out of stock! This is probably because the little guy is part of the Valentines limited edition set, so obviously I (and everyone else apparently) had to get my hands on it whilst I still could. The multi-coloured prospects are just too much to miss I guess! Whilst I haven't tried this out just yet - I still have a Magic Wand from Christmas to finish up - it's got a sweet, lavender smell and I'm sure will survive a good three baths - value for money is always a plus with the bubble bars. Also, if you're struggling like I was to find one of these, the In Your Dreams gift set comes with the Unicorn Horn and an equally lovely bath bomb for under a tenner! #loopholes

Granny Takes A Dip bath bomb  // circular - pink, blue and green
The other half of the gift box? This big old thing of beauty. I couldn't put my finger on the scent at first - all I knew was that I liked it - however after looking it up on the site I learnt it's both spicy and citrus-scented. Jackpot, two of my favourite kinds of smells rolled up into one slightly psychedelic product. Again, I'm still a virgin to this one, however I can only imagine how cute and colourful it'll make your bath water look *heart-eyed emoji is necessary right now*.

Phoenix Rising bath bomb // purple, glittery and gorgeous
Phoenix Rising was what I popped into my bath this morning… Well, actually Dave kind of threw it in like an excited child, the amateur. It is so cinnamon-ey and lovely, I just couldn't resist using it up straight away. If you love the more winter-based products with a strong, warm scent this is just peeeerfect, and it turns your bath the most intense purple - something I'll definitely be repurchasing in the future.

Brightside Bubble bar // orange swirls
Like I said, me and Brightside go way back. I definitely am fonder of this one in the warmer months, however my house mate Nikki has been having this in her baths so much recently I had to get one of my own again. If you never really got the hype over the Comforter bubble bar, its because this is your guy. It smells of sweet clementines and turns your water a happy shade of orange, making it a winner all year round for the ultimate bath lover.

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