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So, I cut my hair again, and I have no excuse other than this: Sienna Miller. Literally, I'd say approximately 87% of my time is spent stalking lovely CiCi and that hair style, so it was bound to happen eventually. Anyway, what's a new hair style without new clothes to match? The New Look site is full to the brim with all sorts of stuff to make you go weak at the knees - speaking of knees, this post does contain culottes: all you non-believers have been officially warned - and with my staff discount card handy, the lot were absolute steals! That's how I'm choosing to justify this little spending spree anyway...

 Paisley playsuit
I was initially not taken by the 70s trend thats been buzzing around the blogosphere. It's so bright and so busy and sooo not me… then the playsuit seen above came into my life and changed everything. Although this handsome fella is far more colourful than the sort of pieces I usually opt for, I am an absolute sucker for paisley prints as well as the fit of a good old playsuit, and so this union was always going to win me over, no contest. My first instinct was to pair it with tights and my Docs to toughen it up a little for winter, and lets face it, I am all about the casual wear. However if I was feeling fancy, bare legs and a good heel in the spring time would be a pretty, feminine alternative. To summarise, I've never taken so much pleasure from looking like a little peasant girl OR from wearing quite so much colour. I tell you, the new hair is doing some strange things...

Sleeveless camel coat
Round of applause to Lily Melrose for this pick - I saw it featured in her very own New Look haul and immediately after watching, added it to my online basket. I have wanted a waistcoat for what feels like forever and a day, but alas, I haven't met the one quite yet. This throw-on jacket somewhat fills the sleeveless shaped hole in my heart though (I mean wardrobe. Yes, clothes make me a tad dramatic). But seriously, I can't think of a better way to transition into spring than with this one around my shoulders. The only down side? Those damn fake pockets.

Stone tee
Now, I pride myself on my collection of Zara t-shirts. They are my greatest investment and I love them all equally. Having felt how soft this £7.99 top is though, I can't help but feel a little cheated! The colour is a beautiful grey/white blend and is like nothing I currently own whilst the style is subtly ribbed with a flattering V-neck/scoop. It's just a dream and I need, like 5 more.

Black culottes
Dun dun duuuuun. I give you, the Crocs of the trouser world. At the moment I love anything with a wide leg, so of course I'm on board with this trend, heart and soul. A heel of sorts will always help to balance out this harsher cut on the silhouette so that 5"3 girls like me don't drown in the bundles of material, thus meaning that they're perfect for any remotely dressy occasion, or particularly for those of you sassy enough for day-to-day heels (bravo by the way, bravo).

Matte chunky heels
Speaking of heels, they aren't really my thing. I will always favour a pair of Converse or an ugly old brogue over the Louboutins and Jimmy Choos of this world. I'm pretty pigeon-toed, so anything too high and I'll wobble from start to end, anything too low and, well, I'll just wear a flat instead cos what's the point? These heels though are definitely what I'd class as my idea of perfection. Black? Check. Ankle strap? Check. Chunky heel? Check. And what's more, they are soooooooooo niiiiiiiice *drool*. There isn't a thing they won't go with, I can walk in them (if I'm careful) and ugh, I just love them. Mind you, 4 hours out on the tiles in them and I might be whistling a different tune… ouch.

All in all, a capsule collection which I think will transition quite nicely into spring time. Did you have a favourite? As always, be sure to fill me in.

Happy Thursday!


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  1. I'm obsessed with Sienna's new haircut and it looks amazing on you too!
    Love your clothing picks, that sleeveless camel coat looks so chic.