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First off, let me start by wishing everyone a very happy New Year. My 2015 has started out pretty productively, may I say! Today, after all, is the day that I finally submit my dissertation *eeeeeeeep* and as I've said a billion times before, that blighter was definitely the biggest culprit for slowing my blog down to a complete halt, so consider this the start of a lot more action here at elisha-maé I wear this?

Secondly, the up-and-coming online magazine, Wonder, asked me to do a piece which went up just the other day. New year, new start, new hair? Is basically the whole idea behind the post, so if you want to learn a little about my hair journey or it seems like something that would tickle your general fancy: look no further. And even if not, I still can't recommend the magazine highly enough - full of humble, high-spirited content, it is sure to brighten up your day [and no, this is not sponsored, I just really dig the site].

So looking forward to getting this little space up and running again, and again, sorry for my absence.
Wishing you all the loveliest of new years,

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