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Its nothing new to want to revive the 90's look with your lipstick. Since the Kylie Jenner makeup craze lifted off, everyone and their mother has been trying to recreate those big, overdrawn lips *sigh*. From what I hear, the youngest Kardashian has been using the MAC lip liners called Whirl and Soar, so of course both have been out of stock for what feels like aaaall time. In their absence however, I've struck up quite a likening to the brown hues of lipstick and liner that have been making their way back from the land of Spice Girls, fluffy scrunchies and body glitter…

So far, my collection looks like this [from left to right]:
- M.A.C Styled in Sepia

All different, but each in keeping with the cool-toned, brown colour palette I obsess over. They are each great alone or combined with any other. My personal favourite pairings go a little something like this: Stripdown and Blankety for day time or Oak and Styled in Sepia for something a little bit dramatic. Oh, and to soothe your broken hearts over the stock or lack there of for Kylie's lip colours, Stripdown is apparently Kim's 90's liner of choice… You are most welcome *smug face*.


4 comments on "90S LIP SHADES // BY M.A.C"
  1. I've never heard of Styled in Sepia but it looks gorgeous! I love Blankety too!
    Great photos :)
    Becki |

    1. I went to link it s/i/s but it's not coming up on the site anymore, i'm really hoping it wasn't limited edition! I didn't even get to stock up!!
      thank you becki, glad you like the photos.


  2. Styled in sepia is peeeerfect! x