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Blue Monday - the glummest Monday of them all - has just been and gone, and it's fair to say I felt it's sting. With this in mind and having seen a few similar posts buzzing around on my Bloglovin feed, I thought I would take my turn to list the few reasons for my frown being turned upside down this month, in the hopes it'll help give any of you some ideas to get happy quick, either through some sneaky retail therapy or a little self-reflection… whichever your bank balance will accommodate really.

Something to brighten up bleak car journeys
Since receiving this gem of a Christmas gift, I have thought of nothing else. Taylor Swift's new album 1989 perks up any and every drive I take, rain or shine, January or not. There isn't one song I don't like: even the tracks I originally didn't warm to I now know all the words to (not something to brag about, I know) but it demonstrates just how good the girl is. Can't. Recommend. Enough.

Getting organised
Doesn't this little number remind you of Bridget Jones? Me too, so obviously I had to pick up one for myself. I tweeted earlier this month as a note to self that I NEEDED a diary to sort out my unorganised mess of a life, so I stick by my decision to buy this frisky bit of stationery, even with the hefty price tag that comes with a moleskin. Hey... when its right, its right. And anyway, what better way to get motivated to pull through the harsh winter blues? A stationery nerd such as myself says none!

Winter nights spent in
It is -1 as I am writing this, which I think perfectly illustrates my point here. Who wants to venture out into the arctic when there's Netflix, hot drinks and a warm bed waiting for you at home? I know, I am old before my time *granny emoji* but seriously, a binge watch of my favourite series or a large stint with a good book is all I want to be wasting my evenings with in this cosy weather. Right now I am spending a lot of time with Lena Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl, which is a lovely book to pour through or read in short, sharp doses, and also is a great way to begin my New Years resolution to read 12 books in 12 months (idea courtesy of Essie Button).

A new fragrance
I have coveted this perfume right from its release date back in summer. Having been introduced to the world of Jo Malone for my 21st birthday, I have since been a big old fan, and for some reason the notes of Wood Sage and Sea Salt really appealed to me… perhaps it was calling out to my inner-mermaid, who knows. Anyway, I picked up the smaller version with some left over Christmas money a little while back, and low and behold, its now my go-to scent during the day. It's light, fresh and ever-so androgynous - its everything I love and a quick spritz in the morning still feels like a total treat.

A change of scenery
Probably the number one reason a Christmas elf such as myself is in desperate need of cheering up this month is the passing of the festive season. The tree's been taken down, twinkly lights are in very short supply and Christmas songs are no longer acceptable. It's fair to say, I am devastated. Nonetheless there is one small perk to the start of a new year, and that is a new term. Don't get me wrong, I am homebody through and through, but taking the trip back to my uni town of Bath to catch up with the girls both at the house and in class is always so much fun. Cinema dates, chats til 3am and one too many trips to Wagamama have ensured I pull through this sad little month with some kind of spring in my step. I know times are tough financially for the most part of January, but taking a little time out with your nearest and dearest, if only just in the comfort of someone's home, is sure to lift even the lowest of spirits.

Pointer: Just making a list of the things that have made me smile for this post was a great way to cheer me up and I highly recommend it. Oh, and *spoiler* if you were wondering, things that didn't quiiiite make the cut but were still very strong contenders were: clean makeup brushes, old photographs and my 'I woke up like this' mug. Tough decisions were made people.

Until next time, keep fighting the good fight all :-*