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The past month has been crazy with a capital K. Whilst I haven't been update you sweethearts half as much as I'd like to, an Instagram round-up seems to fit in all the blanks so without further ado:

Uni // yep, the work load is still stacked niiiiice and high, after all what would third year be without a few melt downs and working so hard you forget about your brew til it's cold? You heard all right, it's really that stressful. But with nothing but a long line of rainy days ahead and a cupboard freshly stocked with jam doughnuts, spending time indoors with just me, dissertation and I isn't actually as bad as I imagined it would be (a blatant jinx there…)

TBT // With my best friend in Southampton and myself here in Bath, its fair to say our meetings are few and far between at the moment: queue a TBT post to send out my love to my most favourite little person. We will have our routine Costa date very soon, complete with Christmas cups this time! (more on those later…)

A fresh cut // Sometimes there's no denying a good trend. In this case, its the fashioning of a new, shorter hair cut. Its no secret that I'm a big Kylie Jenner fan so back when she got the chop I instantly started getting the itch myself to say bye to the straggly long locks I had in tow. Oh boy. Best. Decision. Ever. I'm having so much fun with my blunt shoulder cut and not only that, I think it definitely is more in-keeping with my personal style as well as my very basic morning routine, which currently consists of: texturising spray, salt spray and easy peasy, out the door.

Saturday night // an autumnal lip, the best of friends and a cringe snap chat story to wake up to the following morning = a weekend well spent.

The return of the Christmas cup // My choice: White hot chocolate with a generous dollop of cream. Yknow, just your normal 10am treat? (I'm not proud, nor am I sorry.)

LDN // A trip to the capital was the perfect excuse to see an exhibition or two, visit the very humbling poppy display at the Tower of London as well as to chow down on a very tasty pizza complete with buffalo mozzarella *drool*. All in all a very good day, I'm only annoyed I didn't take more photos to share with you - amateur blogger behaviour at its finest!

If you want to keep up with my Instagram full-time I'm under the username: elishamaeiveson - and why yes, that was a shameless plug. The monkey covering its eyes emoji would come in really quite handy right now...


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