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Its that time again: another monthly round up of the bits and bobs I've been buying. In hindsight I think that I've been very well-behaved these past few weeks - its very easy for me to give in to an impulse purchase so its always a nice surprise when I somehow manage to reign it in. I must be growing up...

I have a pretty mixed bag of stuff to talk about today so to save you some time I'll break it down into bullets:
  • Black lace-ups: I have been desperately avoiding the urge to buy a pair of Dr Martens 1461's - I figure they'd sit quite nicely on my Christmas list - so to fill the hole in my materialistic heart I picked this pair of chunky shoes from work instead. Warning: yes, they rub. No, it doesn't last forever. I just managed a six hour shift in these bad boys so its safe to say I'm definitely coming out on the other side, even if I did have to put my pain threshold to the test for a little while there. It was definitely worth it though in my humble opinion, I do loooove a masculine shoe after all.
  • Dress rings: Fairly self-explanatory. I love any bohemian, gothic or vintage-inspired pieces of jewellery, especially when they're in a silver finish so when I saw this batch for a fiver I had to have them and as of yet, no green fingers!
  • Sheer tee: Well I certainly didn't need another tee, that's for sure... its actually becoming a problem, this forever-expanding collection of mine. However I love incorporating sheer pieces into my wardrobe, so this tee with it's mesh side panels and split back detail was always going to be a winner for me. If I could buy it all over again I would have sized up simply for a less snug fit but I'm happy all the same. A Zara-worthy piece for a quarter of the price = two thumbs up.
  • Khaki silk shorts: Khaki is the colour of the moment for me, that and navy blue. With freshers week on the horizon I spent a rare free Saturday having a good browse round the shops and came across this stunning pair of shorts in H&M, which I think will look incredible with tights as well as bare legs equalling a piece thats wearable all year round. I recently wore them for cocktails at Turtle Bay (anybody been there before? The Marley Mojitos are insanely good) with a cropped knit, tights and cut-out boots and loved the finished look.
  • Bralets: Not only are these good for those of you with a soft spot for crops; they double as the comfiest bra alternative ever! I've been wearing mine under sheer tops like the tee previously spoken about as well as under drop-armed vests. Now that my winter belly is coming into full effect I don't have the guts to wear them alone… or I have too much gut as a matter of fact, har har.
  • And a new piercing: Lastly, I bit the bullet and did something I've been wanting to do for some months now: I got a brand new ear piercing. The likes of Kylie Jenner, sunbeamsjess and others have had me craving this for what feels like forever but up til now I've always been too scared. From experience I'd prefer a tattoo over a piercing any day, strange I know, but any who a lovely girl at Sharp Practice in Salisbury did the job a gooden and even though its early days I'm already planning my next one: tragus. 

Have any of you been inspired by the change of season? Speaking of which, I recently did a feature for the online magazine Wonder - a piece on my 5 Transitional Autumn Staples - so please give it a look-see if you're interested at all, you'd make me endlessly happy.


Black lace-ups: NEW LOOK | Bralets: TOPSHOP | Rings: NEW LOOK | Khaki lace shorts: H&M | Sheer tee: NEW LOOK
4 comments on "SEPT BUYS"
  1. Nice shoes and jewelry. xx

  2. I love the shorts, I'm obsessed with khaki and navy blue at the moment too! :) I'm definitely going to look for them when I'm next in H&M!
    Also, your little cactuses look so cute!
    Becki xxx

  3. Love it so much ! <3