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So this week has played out a lot like the last - I promise my life is not always this dull - except this time around I'm reunited with my macbook and *BONUS* a brand new tub of Nutella. This has meant a lot of laptop days, breakfast waffles and a near run-in with a pair of Dr Martin 1461 patent shoes (that limited Asos 25% off student discount was lethal!). I've actually not bought anything apart from some pub grub this week amazingly, although that's partly because of the pretty beaded anklet bought for me by my mum from her holiday in Majorca, as well as having already started mentally compiling a Christmas list. Premature perhaps, but in my mind its never too early to be thinking about old St Nick. So far I've got my eye on the new Jo Malone scent, an abundance of Lush bath products and a good read. I know, I have the soul of an 80 year old.

Have a lovely weekend everybody


Rings and things: H&M & PANDORA | Room diffuser: PRIMARK | Laptop case: PAPERCHASE | iPhone 5 case: NEW LOOK |
4 comments on "PHOTO DIARY #2"
  1. I love your photography!
    And the anklet you got from your mum looks gorgeous, I've been looking everywhere for something like this but haven't been lucky yet.


    1. Thankyou! I would suggest somewhere like Urban Outfitters but even they don't have any going at the moment I don't think which is a shame. I hope you find one soon!


  2. Your photos are great, thinking of going for waffles now! :)

    Chariza x
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