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Being a creative soul and studying art, I love the aesthetic aspect of blogging. That said, I thought I would start documenting my everyday life in a photo diary series, simply as an outlet without clogging up my followers' Instagram feeds cos oh boy can that be annoying. Here you'll typically find daily outfits, creature comforts and the odd peek at a new purchase, I'm sure...

How's your week been looking? Mine's consisted of a lot of winding down ready for the first day back at university, eep! A lot of reading, some light shopping (say hello to my new leather and denim) and a Costa cooler here or there has been total bliss. Now all I need is for my poorly laptop to come out of the Apple store, fingers crossed by Thursday!

3 comments on "PHOTO DIARY #1"
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  2. I just stumbled across your blog and I'm obsessed!
    Definitely gained a new reader here.


    1. aww thankyou! that is so nice, day made!! haha do you have a blog? if so i'd love to take a look, i'm always looking out for new blogs to read :D

      elisha x