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September is definitely a month of change. It not only welcomes the arrival of a new season but it also sees the return - or start perhaps for some of you - of university. Basically, your days are soon to be filled with early mornings, rainy walks to campus and if you're a keen fresher, then probably a generous hangover to nurse. Between all of that though, Freshers week is still easily one of the funnest parts of student living. Cheap drinks, new or re-aquaintances and a brimming social calendar make all of the late nights, bad decisions and inevitable freshers flu worth it.

That said, what I have concocted up for you is a little list of my own freshers essentials to hopefully see you not only through student nights out, but also to prepare both you and I for the aftermath which will most likely be spending the following day in a series of introductory lectures, more than likely asking yourself why you just had to have that very last drink...

Pictures from Pinterest as well as my own
Fedora: PINTEREST | Cardigan: PRIMARK | Scarf: PRIMARK | Playsuit: NEW LOOK | Heels: NEW LOOK [OLD] | Converses: OFFICE

A hat: If you're one of those people who looks fresh and clean the day after a big night out, firstly how?! And secondly bravo.  For us less fortunate (read: lazy) students however, I definitely recommend a hat of some kind to hide that greasy/kinked out hair that you just won't have time to wrestle with before the bus comes. Beanies, bobbles, trilbies and fedoras are just some of the options to consider, however as it's still quite humid in the UK I find a fedora to be the most fitting for me this coming week and *bonus*, the brim doubles as a small source of shelter from any spells of rain.

A cosy cardigan/jumper: When I'm feeling a little worse for wear I will always opt for function over fashion, however I definitely think comfortable clothes can still be stylish. Above is a photo of the slouchy cardigan I featured in my University Haul post last week and with it's oversized shape I find the knit portrays a sense of off-duty cool, whilst feeling lovely to cocoon yourself in in those notoriously cold lecture halls.

A scarf comme blanket: Similarly to the concept of a cosy cardigan/jumper, a scarf fulfils the same purpose of keeping warm. However if you're having a particularly tough day of it (and provided the lights are off, no one wants to make a bad first impression on the lecturer), scarves can be used as blankets or alternatively bunched up to act as a pillow. They are basically the ultimate source of comfort, however I am not condoning falling asleep in class, we pay far too much money per academic year for that!

A day to night piece: Onto a brighter note, once I've battled the tired, self-pitying state of mind I spent the morning and some of the afternoon in - shameful, I know - its time to start getting excited for the evening's activities all over again. It's sometimes the case however that classes may run into the night slightly, and in these times I advise setting a little money aside for a day-to-night option if you haven't one already. I've found a playsuit from New Look which I think fits the criteria: in the day I would wear this with tights, black boots and a duster coat, whereas for the night I would amp up the eye makeup, take off the tights and potentially swap the boots for a heeled alternative. Easy peasy and this way there's no need to miss out on any of the pre-drink fun and games.

Comfortable heels: By this I mean a wedge/chunky heel: stilettos bear too much risk when combined with clubs hosting sticky/slidey floors for little old Bambi-legged me. I've found every club venue is different and you may find some are dressier than others, so in my mind it's better to be safe than sorry and bring a more formal option as long as you feel confident and comfortable in them, no pressure here girls.

Comfortable flats: Generally speaking, student nights can often be a pretty casual affair. For me I think my go-to outfit will be a whole load of black, chunky boots or Converses and perhaps a checked shirt tied around the waist to break up the outfit. Anyway, there is absolutely no shame in spending the majority of your nights out in your favourite flats as well as for daytime use, and everyone loves a dirtied up pair of Converses so there's no fear of inevitable wear and tear from, in my case, clumsy rugby boys falling about the floor.

I've really enjoyed these back-to-school styles of posts I have to say. I'm definitely a bit of a nerd at heart so getting all organised, buying new sketchbooks and stationery makes me excited to get back into the swing of student life. I say this now, I have a feeling that soon I'll be back to dreaming of a good old day off in typical student fashion. We're oh so fickle.

Let me know if any of you are heading off to university soon, if so I wish you the best of luck!

  1. Love the playsuit, My freshers is this week!

    1. I hope you have a lovely time Victoria! Pointer on the playsuit however: it is in fact a much brighter blue in real life than it is on the website, I thought it seemed to be more of a navy than a ultramarine blue.

      Again, good luck!

  2. I'm starting uni in a few days, it's my first year so I'm super excited.
    And I love the pieces you've picked, especially the blue playsuit!


    1. Best of Luck J, you'll have an amazing time!
      Thankyou, try and keep on blogging whilst at uni, I love your stuff.