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As fall approaches, so does the first term back at university. For me, it's my third and final year of studying in an art degree which can only mean one thing: a shit load of stress. I already need to be researching for my dissertation being that its due in January, therefore between the sketchbooks, ring binders and having my hands basically nailed to a desk for the next year, one thing I don't want to worry about is my wardrobe. That said, here is a collective haul of the pieces I picked up to try and make my morning routine a little easier...

  • Outerwear: Being a student in the west country, things can get pretty arctic in the lead up to Christmas (CHRISTMAS!!!!) so layering is essential. I spoke about this biker jacket I'd been eyeing up in my Wardrobe Staples post recently, and as suspected I took the plunge and bought it as a little (read: big) treat to me, from me. However my justification is that the president of Hermes said that you forget the price of an object but you remember the quality - words to live by if ever I heard them, me thinks. On the other hand though, this knitted maxi-cardigan from Primark was an absolute steal at £14 (apologies for the ambiguous pic, some things just aren't photographable). A dupe for American Apparel's cardigan last autumn/winter, it'll be undoubtedly great for keeping cosy in lectures and writing the dreaded diss ...

  • Jeans: In my Photo Diary I posted a picture of the latest denim in my life. I had wanted a pair of boyfriend jeans all summer but having these hips I couldn't find any to flatter my figure. Not even the God of jeans - Topshop - could aid me. Just when I'd lost all hope I spotted a couple of good looking pairs on the New Look website and thought I'd give it one last bash, what with my staff discount card and all. Best. Decision. Ever. The distress and ripped effects are effortless and the relaxed fit is oh so comfortable, plus there's no need to be too precious with them so they're perfect for messy days in the studio, long stints in the library and everything in-between.

  • Tee Shirts: Carrying on from the theme of messy days in the studio as well as a strong love for basic tees, I wanted to pick up a mixture of relatively cheap and cheerful pieces that I could throw on and dirty up without wishing myself unconscious from guilt. They exude off-duty cool paired with all of the items above and also, any excuse to buy anything oversized, neutral and/or striped. *Pointer* I often find a bigger selection of tees shirts in the mens section of stores so I definitely recommend having a browse if nothing is up to scratch in womenswear.

  • Leggings: Because you just can't survive uni without them. You'll soon see...

All in all, I got everything on my wish list and then some. The shirt, black trousers and laptop case were all bonus buys which will definitely filter into my university uniform, especially if I need to smarten things up for any reason. I like to think I made the best of a bad situation with this extensive shopping, as if I was indulging in retail therapy before the need for therapy even begins, and it will inevitably begin… *queue Jaws music*. Nonetheless I am looking forward to getting back to the good friends and great views I've come to know and love in Bath.


Leather jacket: ZARA | Knitted cardigan: PRIMARK | Pinstriped shirt: H&M | Ripped boyfriend jeans [light]: NEW LOOK | Ripped boyfriend jeans [dark blue]: NEW LOOK | White and navy striped tee: PRIMARK | Grey tee: H&M MENSWEAR | Navy and white striped tee: ZARA | Navy tee: H&M MENSWEAR | Black leggings: TOPSHOP | Wide leg trousers: NEW LOOK [similar] | Macbook air 13" case: PAPERCHASE
  1. Love that jacket :) I'm about to start university and I'm really excited (if not a little bit scared)...

    1. Oh really?! Good luck Victoria, I hope this post didn't put you off!! First year was an amazingggg year, you'll have so much fun :) I'm just dreading my third year as I know the work load will be dreadful! What're you studying? :)

      Elisha x

  2. I'm about to go into my third year too and shopping is exactly what is required to make our dissertations easier! Good luck with it!
    I love absolutely everything you've picked up, especially the jeans, shirt and striped t-shirts!

    Becki |

    1. Hahaha it's crucial right?! Aww thank you Becki, let me know if you would like me to do a lookbook with any of the pieces! I wasn't sure whether to as the pieces are all so simple.

      Elisha x