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With Monday drawing to a close, it's fair to say its definitely been a stressful one, so what better time to show you all my little home away from home. Going back to university has been both lovely and a trigger for plenty an anxiety attack… well not really, but you get my meaning. Anyway, having a little den to unwind in is very much needed. P.S. Excuse the 'woe is me' nature of this intro but it really has been a long day...

My university room is very 'quaint' shall we say, not everyone's cup of tea but to me it makes it all the more cosy. Not to mention, it's the fastest room in the house to heat up which is priceless come wintertime. Being a real homebody, I love decorating and sprucing up the place to make it my own and to do this I require only three things: fairy lights, salted caramel candles and a good book. Prints and photographs will soon be making their way onto the walls (sorry landlord) but for now this'll definitely do for some home comforts.

My favourite piece in my room currently is my new little cactus plant, maybe a little bit of a Urban Outfitters cliché but that's exactly how I like it #sheep.