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This really is a week of change for my blog; first doodles, now beauty? Let's not get our wires crossed here though, as I'm in no way delving into the realms of beauty blogging, rather I'm merely dipping my toes in for the sake of one product: lipstick. More importantly, MAC lipstick... 

Lipstick is often the only pop of colour featured in my otherwise neutral/monochrome palette of outfits, so its definitely sometimes the making of me. I own a ton of highstreet and drugstore lipsticks - my favourite budget brand being Topshop by the way - but there's just something so satisfying about MAC products, so having said that I thought I'd share with you my highly coveted collection so far.

From left to right: Blankety | Pure Zen | Coral Bliss | Saint Germain | Russian Red | Chili

Firstly, yes I know it's modest in size, but I'm not the sort of girl to splurge on a load of what I consider to be fairly expensive products so I can't imagine my collection will grow much more in size. Rather I'd have a capsule collection made up of my staple shades that will get plenty of use and attention.

Being a typical female I can't pick just one favourite simply because I'm so fickle and each has its own purpose, however I can without question admit my most used lipstick is Pure Zen (second from the left). Day-to-day I reach for nudes, and I just find this particular shade to be the most appropriate for everyday wear. It's soft and feminine, wears away nicely and hydrates my very dry lips - and if you're wondering where I got the recommendation, it's Lauren Curtis' MAC lipstick of choice too *girl crushin*.

Otherwise, Blankety is great for the 90s revival trend and suits pale to medium skin tones, Coral Bliss is the ultimate shade for summer, Saint Germain channels something very 60's and goes great with a bambi eye, Russian Red is your classic Hollywood red and Chili, so appropriately named, is great for adding warmth to the face.

If you are sensing a gap in my small stash please comment with your recommendations! I am currently toying with the idea of picking up a couple of lip liners such as Chestnut, Whirl and Subculture, being that I adoreee a matte finish. I've resisted so far, but its realistically only a matter of time.


4 comments on "LIPS | FROM MAC"
  1. Love the look of Saint Germain :) I've always wanted to get something from Mac.

    1. Aww it's got to be done, they're so lovely. But like I say, Topshop lipsticks are a really good dupe! I love Whimsical x

  2. I got Russian Red as well but don't find it really works on me, I think it is too cold toned :(
    I really like blankety- and now that I see it is an amplified I need to go and have a look! :) It looks great for everyday xx

    1. Oh no, really? I thought it was one for everyone! That's such a shame, maybe something orange toned like Morange or Chili would work for you then? Thanks for commenting xx