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White cleated sole Chelsea boots

If starting as I mean to go on is true, then in this case I can only hope I love every future item as much as these completely unpractical booties. I was inspired unsurprisingly by the Jeffrey Campbell Scullys but also by bloggers such as The Little Magpie and Lily Melrose who I've seen in titanium white, platform shoes, and wanted to channel a similar idea with a little more comfort, plus I obsess over a chunky boot. Going into work yesterday was made a far brighter prospect as I got to pick up an online order made up of these, as well as a couple of other gorgeous pieces which I'll feature very soon in my BIRTHDAY post eeeeeee.

I'm trying something at the moment where everything I would normally purchase in black, I'm instead  buying in white as I am desperately trying to brighten up my black wardrobe for summer. One of my friends recently said I looked like a 'goth' y'see, and I tried that look out once already when I was 8 - it wasn't good. Plus, I will never get over the all white trend. Not ever.

You'll soon see these puppies in action in an upcoming blog post, but for now we can just marvel at them solely on their own? *dud dum cha*

Happy hump day,