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Working in retail I often find each shift results in a new purchase, so between that and my online shopping addiction its needless to say my wardrobe is always growing and evolving. Therefore as an idea for a monthly post I thought I would show you all my buys of the previous few weeks and share what's a hit, what's a miss and so on...


White oversized jumper [H&M] | Striped tee [ZARA] | Grey maxi [PRIMARK] | Cream lace midi-skirt [NEW LOOK] | Black skinny jeans [NEW LOOK] | Khaki sleeveless vest [NEW LOOK] | White leather sandals [NEW LOOK]

I am on a real kick at the moment for only buying basic/staple pieces that I can recreate over and over again as I am so fickle with clothes; in as little as a month I can look back on an item I've bought and only hang my head in shame, so that mixed with refund fear leads to a lot of wasted pennies. Anyway, I am trying to teach myself the importance of key items and investing in those rather than a 'wow' dress I'll wear once then cringe at for years to come.

Criteria for a basic piece:

  1. Is it neutral?
  2. Is it easy to layer/strip back?
  3. Will it endure?
  4. Does it have the desired fit?

Obviously the neutral element of the criteria has its exceptions as I love to buy accent colour pieces in orange, lime, green etc, but for the most part when I buy a neutral piece I am comfortable in knowing it's going to get more wear than those brighter pieces that I generally find are harder to style.

Having followed these guidelines I am really happy with my shopping decisions this month, as I have no criticisms other than the shoes needing a good wearing in. Every item is interchangeable which makes a lovely capsule of outfit ideas all veering towards the summer/autumn transition. It is a little warm still for the knit and skinny black jeans but honestly speaking, I'm just not a summer dresser - my loyalties lie with oversized jumpers and doughnuts.

If you have any tips for stricter shopping and buying pieces with real lasting power, please leave your comments below. Oh! And if the amazing lace skirt is of interest to you then stay tuned, it'll be featured in an outfit post very soooooooon.

2 comments on "JULY BUYS"
  1. Wow, I love the clothes you bought, very chic.

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award, find out more here:

  2. I like a lot of neutral clothes to keep cool in summer and these are so nice. Good post :)