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Already fore-mentioned in my first blog post, Amy from The Little Magpie's Instagram is my personal style haven. Amazing pieces shot in grey Scottish backgrounds achieve an effortless array of outfits, most of which include feminine lace, boyish tailoring and a messy bun, and all of which I obsess over. Following this little one gives me major wardrobe envy so it's definitely one for those of you who love simplistic chic and a pretty face…


I mean the description says it all really. A mish-mash of tans, tattoos and ridiculous beauty; the whole feed is semi-depressing, semi-nirvana. There's not really an end goal to this account other than to be visually beautiful, so think of it as a digital collage of all things summer. I think if I could play my life out as an Instagram feed, this would have to be it, after all who doesn't want to be surrounded by cactuses and great clothes?


I follow Truelane for plenty of reasons, but mostly for her bed, which she affectionately hashtags 'marshmellowbed' each and every time. It's my perfect lifestyle feed - it's quaint and cosy and is all about simple pleasures. The best way I can describe it is that every day looks like a Sunday and I bloody love it.

So, you might not know this about me, but when I'm not home for the summer I am in Bath studying a degree in art, so unsurprisingly I have a soft spot for artsy Instagrams. Holly Sharpe is a vuuurrrry talented artist who makes and uploads dozens and dozens of fashion illustrations, either when in progress or as a finished product. She has made commissions for the likes of Chloé fragrances and Marks and Spencer so you know it's good stuff. Also she has what is called 'Motivational Monday' posts - quotes to counteract your Monday blues, so cute!

Lastly, Lucy Laucht's Instagram has some of the best photography I've seen. Each image is so crisp and clean, I would die to know which apps etc. she uses! And I don't know if this is intentional, but she seems to go through phases of colour coding her images I've found? Currently the feed is full of blues e.g. the sea, blueberries and nautical blue stripes. So. Damn. Good.

So there are my top 5 picks for Instagram accounts you should've but probably haven't heard about. What are your favourite corners of the social media app? I am always looking for new feeds to swoon after so let me know!

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