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Hello you,

So today has been a very hot one in England and just so happened to be my day off, so I figured I'd do a little outfit post rather than spend it being a prisoner to my bed (however tempting). Me and my sister, Sadie took a little explore in the woods nearby and she actually took some surprisingly decent snaps of yours truly - definitely appointing her as my number one photog *snap snap*...

I am all about oversized. I know it's unflattering to the figure and all of that but I can't help it! I just love to buy big shit ha, so start getting used to it chummies. Although, that said I did tuck my top in today so the outfit wasn't soooo offensive and swamping? Meh, at least I tried.

The shoes are definitely my favourite part of this outfit. One word: Primark. I am a stinge when it comes to money I confess, so paying £14 for shoes that I think are Topshop-worthy left me feeling very smug. Given, not the most comfortable flatforms but I'd rather them hurt my feet than shatter my bank balance, and hopefully with a little wearing in they'll be just dandy.


2 comments on "FLATFORMS AND A FEDORA"
  1. Such a cute outfit Elisha! Great job to your sis for taking the photos. I'm the same way, love over-sized clothing <3

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    1. Thanks chicken! Aww glad I'm not the only one hahaha.

      Elisha x