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There's nothing I love more than a lazy day, especially at this time of year. Watching a good Christmas film with a hot drink in one hand and a doughnut in the other is most definitely my most guilty pleasure, so with that of course comes a soft spot for lounge wear.



The past month has been crazy with a capital K. Whilst I haven't been update you sweethearts half as much as I'd like to, an Instagram round-up seems to fit in all the blanks so without further ado:



You may or may not have noticed I've been a little absent from this little spot I have on the internet, and for that I only have one word: sorry. A million time sorry. If you read back through some of my posts over summer I have spoken before about how I am now in the third and final year of my BA art course and how stressful I was anticipating it to be. What I didn't realise then however was exactly how full on it would be from the word 'go'. Unlike many other uni courses, my dissertation is actually due in in january - yes JANUARY - so as you can imagine I'm spending a lot of days in the library, drinking tea by the litre and just generally tearing my hair out a little.

I had initially hoped to be posting once a week to keep my blog slowly chugging along, and even still I want to abide by this personal target, but if you don't hear from me for lengthier amounts of time than I would like, know that its simply because my head is well and truly stuck in a boring as fudge book. On a lighter note though, 11 Fridays until Christmas! Literally its all thats getting me through this testing time… SANTAAAAAAAA!!!!

elisha // book worm




Its that time again: another monthly round up of the bits and bobs I've been buying. In hindsight I think that I've been very well-behaved these past few weeks - its very easy for me to give in to an impulse purchase so its always a nice surprise when I somehow manage to reign it in. I must be growing up...



OOTW | 14.09.14 - 20.09.14

Slightly overdue, I know, but here you have it: another OOTW post! Having spent the last week packing and moving back into my uni house my blog has been a little sidelined this week unfortunately, so sorry my loves but I promise to get back into the swing of things from here on out. Anyway, seeing as my last instalment of this sort of post went down so well it seemed only right I do another, plus it gives me the extra push to try not to look like a complete troll each and every day.

  Sunday spent bowling.


September is definitely a month of change. It not only welcomes the arrival of a new season but it also sees the return - or start perhaps for some of you - of university. Basically, your days are soon to be filled with early mornings, rainy walks to campus and if you're a keen fresher, then probably a generous hangover to nurse. Between all of that though, Freshers week is still easily one of the funnest parts of student living. Cheap drinks, new or re-aquaintances and a brimming social calendar make all of the late nights, bad decisions and inevitable freshers flu worth it.

That said, what I have concocted up for you is a little list of my own freshers essentials to hopefully see you not only through student nights out, but also to prepare both you and I for the aftermath which will most likely be spending the following day in a series of introductory lectures, more than likely asking yourself why you just had to have that very last drink...

Pictures from Pinterest as well as my own
Fedora: PINTEREST | Cardigan: PRIMARK | Scarf: PRIMARK | Playsuit: NEW LOOK | Heels: NEW LOOK [OLD] | Converses: OFFICE



So this week has played out a lot like the last - I promise my life is not always this dull - except this time around I'm reunited with my macbook and *BONUS* a brand new tub of Nutella. This has meant a lot of laptop days, breakfast waffles and a near run-in with a pair of Dr Martin 1461 patent shoes (that limited Asos 25% off student discount was lethal!). I've actually not bought anything apart from some pub grub this week amazingly, although that's partly because of the pretty beaded anklet bought for me by my mum from her holiday in Majorca, as well as having already started mentally compiling a Christmas list. Premature perhaps, but in my mind its never too early to be thinking about old St Nick. So far I've got my eye on the new Jo Malone scent, an abundance of Lush bath products and a good read. I know, I have the soul of an 80 year old.

Have a lovely weekend everybody


Rings and things: H&M & PANDORA | Room diffuser: PRIMARK | Laptop case: PAPERCHASE | iPhone 5 case: NEW LOOK |

OOTW | 03.09.14 - 09.09.14

We've all done it; by 'that' I mean indulged in a little #OOTD post on Instagram. I love having a peek at girls' daily attire so the hashtag certainly isn't wasted on me. The concept of OOTW posts however are new territory to me - something that I discovered from shamelessly binge watching Bee from idressmyselff 's YouTube channel - that said, I thought I would photograph my weekday outfit choices (because the weekend was unfortunately waaay too busy). Sadly I can't say the week was overly interesting, just lots of odd jobs and trying not to constantly rotate wearing my new pairs of jeans for the sake of this post as a matter of fact. I wonder does anyone else find that when they buy something they l.o.v.e they start to develop serious attachment issues? Well this is borderline obsession... 

 Kylie Jenner appropriate.



As fall approaches, so does the first term back at university. For me, it's my third and final year of studying in an art degree which can only mean one thing: a shit load of stress. I already need to be researching for my dissertation being that its due in January, therefore between the sketchbooks, ring binders and having my hands basically nailed to a desk for the next year, one thing I don't want to worry about is my wardrobe. That said, here is a collective haul of the pieces I picked up to try and make my morning routine a little easier...


Being a creative soul and studying art, I love the aesthetic aspect of blogging. That said, I thought I would start documenting my everyday life in a photo diary series, simply as an outlet without clogging up my followers' Instagram feeds cos oh boy can that be annoying. Here you'll typically find daily outfits, creature comforts and the odd peek at a new purchase, I'm sure...

How's your week been looking? Mine's consisted of a lot of winding down ready for the first day back at university, eep! A lot of reading, some light shopping (say hello to my new leather and denim) and a Costa cooler here or there has been total bliss. Now all I need is for my poorly laptop to come out of the Apple store, fingers crossed by Thursday!




It's officially the end of August which, for me, can only mean one thing: the second edition of my 'monthly buys' posts. The month was made up of mine and Dave (the boyfriend) 's three year milestone, a flatlining Macbook *cry* and a day at the races for my belated birthday.



This really is a week of change for my blog; first doodles, now beauty? Let's not get our wires crossed here though, as I'm in no way delving into the realms of beauty blogging, rather I'm merely dipping my toes in for the sake of one product: lipstick. More importantly, MAC lipstick... 



With September fast approaching it's only a matter of time before I'm back at university for my third and final year of art study *deep breaths*, so what better way to get back into the swing of creating than to making a doodly post dedicated to the ten non-negotiables I think every girl should have in their closet?



Never have I welcomed rain with such joy. Between the sun, wind and occasional downpour its been pretty much a case of pot luck to know how to dress in Britain of late so, what better time to find this piece than in the transition of seasons? 



Hello all 60 of you! This is just a quick post to apologise for my slight absence on the blog front. I hold my hands up, I have no excuse other than one: life. Mine hasn't even been interesting of late, in fact I think the high point of the last fortnight was getting some highlights…that no one even noticed. No exaggeration, not even my own mother *facepalm*.

Anyway I just wanted to thank all of you brand new subscribers for reading my month old baby blog, and to let you know I have plenty of posts lined up in the hopes of redeeming this dry spell. Stay tuned for my 10 wardrobe staples coming in the next couple of days (yes, I narrowed it down to ten. How? I don't know...)



I have a confession - I have hips. Don't get me wrong, I do nothing to prevent the extra pounds I carry around my middle; in fact I'm pretty sure there's a cheeseburger stored in each side, but if I'm being honest I find my figure to be good only in a kick-you-in-the-crotch-spit-on-your-neck-fantastic sort of way (can you tell I'm watching Friends right now?).

Anyway, over the years whilst I was waiting to grow into my lumps and bumps *ahem, never happened* I learned a few tips and tricks to balance out my proportions/conceal them completely that I thought I would them share with you…

Black ribbed jumper (similar): H&M  | Skirt: Primark [old] | Cut-out boots: New Look



This blog is definitely making me realise I spend. Too. Much. Money. However, these odds and sods were bought solely with my birthday pennies - justification? I'm going to go with yes. I have been wanting the Fxck! I'm In My Twenties book for a little while now as I am oh so sentimental *angel face emoji*, and loved the idea of a keepsake of my early adult life so I picked up a copy from Urban Outfitters, as well as a square cut, black dress to satisfy my oversized needs.




White paisley top: [OLD] | Grey maxi skirt: [PRIMARK] | Sliders: similar | Sunglasses: similar

An impromptu shopping trip with a best - never mind photography-experienced - friend could only mean one thing: a sneaky outfit of the day. Feeling uninspired by my summer wardrobe I decided to get creative and tie up the maxi skirt featured in my July Buys post, and I have to say I was actually pretty pleased with the result. To me it somehow channeled a Game of Thrones vibe and really, who doesn't want to emulate Daenerys Targaryen at least once in their lives?

My boyfriend, Dave and I have just finished Season 3 of the show - holy moley, it is SO good. Also, does anyone else get major dress/hair/face/everything envy from watching it or is it just me?




Working in retail I often find each shift results in a new purchase, so between that and my online shopping addiction its needless to say my wardrobe is always growing and evolving. Therefore as an idea for a monthly post I thought I would show you all my buys of the previous few weeks and share what's a hit, what's a miss and so on...



Already fore-mentioned in my first blog post, Amy from The Little Magpie's Instagram is my personal style haven. Amazing pieces shot in grey Scottish backgrounds achieve an effortless array of outfits, most of which include feminine lace, boyish tailoring and a messy bun, and all of which I obsess over. Following this little one gives me major wardrobe envy so it's definitely one for those of you who love simplistic chic and a pretty face…



Striped shirt: ZARA
Black ribbed jumper (similar): H&M
White jumper: H&M

 Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 (white) : URBAN OUTFITTERS

Tiara ring: PANDORA